Luke Skarth-Hayley

Coder, Writer, Researcher


A PhD researcher in the Mixed Reality Laboratory, as part of the Horizon CDT 2018 "My Life in Data" programme. Partnered with BBC R&D.

Investigating game engines for realtime rendered television. In particular, I am interested in exploring a spectrum of implicit interactions for new forms of responsive content. I seek to achieve this via dynamic analytics and in-context interactions, e.g. awareness of what a viewer or viewers are looking at, engaging with or "interested" in.

This is an alternative to the use of personal data, or surveys such as in BBC Taster's Instagramification, ahead of time, or through explicit interaction breaks in interactive media such as Netflix's Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. More broadly, this research explores issues around viewer/player interaction and agency in interactive and immersive media.

My general research interests are in Human Computer Interaction and Creative Computing, anything where humans and/or play are involved with computers. Furthermore, I am increasingly interested in small-scale computing, open-source/appropriate technology, and applying environmental concerns to computing. I also write fiction and non-fiction, make noise, and muddle around in an interdisciplinary space between computer science and the arts.

Contact Me: [email protected]