Luke Skarth-Hayley

Coder, Writer, Researcher

Main Screen Turn On

After much hammering, wrench-turning, and code-wrangling, this incredibly plain site emerges.

First real site in a good few years, but without all the baggage. Static site generators are great for small, personal sites.

So, hello, here we go, as I put on a public face, joining the Isle of Blogs as it sees a minor resurgence. But I'm a horrible pseud so it's a Journal for me. RSS feed link at the bottom of the page, or if you whack the main URL in to your good good feed reader it should pick the feed(s) up.

May even surrender to the Republic of Newsletters at some point, should I find some reliable alternative to the soon-to-die TinyLetter. Get in touch if you know a good one.

As for this? Well, maybe code, maybe prose, and other general clink from my brain as I renew my promise to myself to think more, write more and put it out there and maybe find some fellow travellers as we all consider jettisoning social media and return to bespoke, artisanal crimes in hypertext.