Luke Skarth-Hayley

Coder, Writer, Researcher

Dithering and Tags

I am slowly rejigging the site, with a view to eventually writing a few Unity tutorials and some PhD-related musings, in part to build the habit, and in part because I really need to uh, "communicate my research," to interested parties. Or put it on the internet at least, in the hopes of catching stray passersby. I will be, largely, doing it in a very low-energy way as I focus on parenting, hermiting, and trying to write more longform pieces here and elsewhere. Less but better, etcetera.

For now I'm shifting from categories to tags as the primary sorting/metadata bit for each post.

I'm also experimenting with the dither plugin from Low-Tech Magazine as a way to reduce bandwidth usage for, well, both you the reader and I the purveyor of a mostly silent personal website. We'll see how dithered images cause bother with tutorial screenshots when I get round to posting them.

Time to fiddle about and do some general updates to the info here. I am also pulling back from social media, for reasons obvious and less so. Again, longform, less but better, more complete thoughts and a certain cool distance from the heat of the evernow.

Let's see how things go.