Luke Skarth-Hayley

Creative Technologist, Software Engineer, Writer



Arduino Workshops

As part of my time lecturing at Nottingham Trent University I provided five 2 hour workshops to postgraduate design students giving them an introduction to programming, C/C++ and Arduino microcontrollers.

I designed basic circuits for the students to build and tutorials for them to follow, wrote a complete guide to the Arduino syntax and basic elements of the library, and delivered the tutorials over a month, with one or two sessions a week.

I also worked with the students to understand their project plans and needs, and gave the students brief demos on the Raspberry Pi microcomputer and Micro:Bit microcontroller.


Lectures on Computing for Product Design

In November 2017 I gave two lectures to NTU students on the BA/BSc Product Design and BA Furniture & Product Design courses.

The two lectures were:

The Computational Age: a brief history of computing and how it has come to permeate our world and influence society and design.

Computational Age Slide

Mixed Reality: an explanation of various mixed reality technologies and concepts, with a particular focus on ubiquitous computing and how it might inform the students' designs and use of technology in their projects and future work.

Mixed Reality Slide

These lectures were really well-received by the students and led to my work as a visiting lecturer in 2018 at NTU.

MSc Dissertation - Siren Songs: A Novel Method for Network Sonification

Network Sonification is the process of turning network data into sound. Specifically, sonification is about quantifiable and reproducible sound generation. Think of the geiger counter and how its sound represents levels of radiation. My network sonification process was designed to do the same.

The core process was capturing packets on a network (or read from an existing capture file), analysing them individually and collectively, and based on certain thresholds and indicators this would then trigger set musical phrases that mapped to specific events on the network. I am currently redesigning the system with a couple of improvements, and am looking to publish a paper based on my work.


Demo footage of Droneconomicon

A stealth game prototype in the vein of Thief: The Dark Project and other first-person stealth games, built using Unreal Engine and the Blueprints visual scripting language. You are visible in light sources, and not in the darkness. Your objective is to collect "loot" and keys as you avoid various AI drones (with multiple behaviours) and try to get to the next area, eventually making your way to your objective: steal the Zuckerberg Diamond.

Spinnertronic Puzzlebox

The Spinnertronic Puzzlebox Cardboard Prototype

A prototype IoT game/toy. A Rasberry Pi with GrovePi sensors including touch sensors and a 6-axis accelerometer, code written in Python, designed to allow one player - the puzzler - to create a "puzzle" of set moves and positions with the accelerometer, which a second player - the solver - must then try to replicate as quickly as possible. A second game mode, akin to Johann Sebastian Joust, was also created.

No Longer Jubilant

Mobile Clue

A locative media experience using ArtCodes, and WanderAnywhere, along with a custom-built JavaScript "back-end" on the client side that used HTML5 local storage to track progress through a crime procedural, the player finding clues in an attempt to solve a murder.


Cat Runner!

Cat Runner!

An endless runner game where you are a cat running along rooftops, collecting balloons and trying to avoid bats. I built this with a partner, and my main code contribution was the procedural code that generated an endless number of platforms for the player to traverse (and consequently balloons and bats based off this code) without using up increasing amounts of memory. I also provided all the game audio.

Traffic Incident Database

A piece of coursework in HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. A "police database" of fake traffic incidents to prove out my knowledge of ERDs, relational algebra and other fundamental database concepts.


Never After Tomorrow

A short story I wrote in response to Elmgreen & Dragset's Tomorrow exhibition at the V&A Museum. I received special mention for my entry, which you can read about (and read) at the V&A's website.


90 from the 90s

90 from the 90s was a 90 day blog I wrote in mid-2013. The idea was to write every day for 90 days, each day reflecting on a favoured track from the 1990s. Mostly a writing/critical exercise, something to continue on from some critical writing I did for alternative music site ninehertz. I built a custom theme (alas in this shot the rad punch-ribbon font has died, years later) and did some custom graphics to make it suitably zine-y. Early play in HTML and CSS.

Ninehertz Reviews

I wrote reviews on the alternative music site ninehertz from 2012 to 2013. I got some positive comments from readers on a few reviews, and managed to raise the ire of a few musicians. I was doing the whole scathing critic thing, having read far too much Melody Maker and NME in my youth.