Luke Skarth-Hayley

Writer, Designer, Creative Technologist

Unity Teaching

Working alongside my primary supervisor, I have provided lab and marking support to students on a Games module, teaching them the practical usage of Unity and how to formalise various elements of game design into Unity's approach to game development. That combined with nearly four years of almost daily usage of Unity have made me highly proficient in the game engine and the ability to both organise and develop projects with it, as well as teach the majority of the core features and systems to people with or without prior experience of Unity or game development as a whole.

In addition, I have also provided marking support on a Mixed Reality Technologies module, including assessment of student-created AR and VR projects. I have a good sense of what is meaningful and honest effort on the part of students. I'm pleased to say I have encountered some genuinely fascinating ideas that genuinely make meaningful contributions to XR design ideas.

I'm also well-versed and interested in the use of Unity for non-game uses. I have dabbled in virtual production and VR and AR experiences that don't rely on gameful or challenge mechanics, but rather allow the inhabiting and exploration of spaces and objects.

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