Luke Skarth-Hayley

Writer, Designer, Creative Technologist



Hello, I am currently doing a PhD at the University of Nottingham's Mixed Reality Laboratory, as part of the Horizon CDT "My Life in Data" programme. I am partnered with BBC R&D's Future Experience Technologies group, with a focus on Render Engine Broadcasting, which includes the use of game engines in broadcast television contexts, including virtual production, real-time rendered television, metaverse-like narrative environments, and mixed reality (VR, AR, XR) experiences.

My PhD research is into Reactive Mise-en-scène, using the position of objects on screen as a proxy for viewer/player attention, which is then tracked over time and used to inform moment-to-moment tacit interactions, as well as implicit interactions that modify the environment, mood, and narrative elements of later scenes and areas that the viewer/player explores.

More broadly, I am interested in creative uses of technology, video games and game engines, design, narratology, and media theory. I like to find or make relatively small and simple tools, such as the Reactive Mise-en-scène plugin for Unity I have developed as part of my research, to explore new design ideas for storytelling, play, and gameful activities.

My experience ranges across the Unity, Unreal Engine, and Godot game engines. I can write scripts and programs in Python and C#, and have some experience with C and C++.

I also write fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, and am an interdisciplinary mix of writer/artist and technical designer. I can record and edit audio and video, and am generally competent across a broad range of media production skills.

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