Luke Skarth-Hayley

Writer, Designer, Creative Technologist

Various Noises

I am somewhat of what the late great Andrew Weatherall would call a grand amateur when it comes to audio.

I'm a persistent meddler in sound, with it making up a somewhat important part of my thinking around my PhD topic of Reactive Mise-en-scène, to being a thing I just do.

My father owned a music recording studio and worked with some luminaries in the music industry of the time. He was a producer and engineer. Turns out that stuff might be kind of hereditary? I find myself again and again returning to audio as a core interest.

Over the years I've accumulated a small collection of song-shaped things. Here is a sampling of those.

Lukeskt · Sampler

More recently, I've gotten into granular effects and synthesis and am quite enjoying breaking down sounds and creating moments, soundscapes, and I guess tonal studies of manipulated and sampled sounds. These are here.

Lukeskt · Synthetic Train Passing Experiment
Lukeskt · Piano Granular Study

I'm also fairly adept with the various middleware solutions for sound that plug into Unity (and Unreal Engine, though Unity has been my focus for the past few years). I'm particularly interested in audio spatialisation plugins such as Google Resonance Audio (sadly not updated anymore), Steam Audio, and Microsoft Project Acoustics. I'm also a fan of Volumetric Audio by AUTHOR. I don't quite have a full reel of things I've made over time, but below are a few videos from Cognitive Dissidents and other demos and prototypes of spaces I've mocked up and populated with spatial audio. Headphones recommended.


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